Pension News TPAS Employees Shoulder Pension Burden

Written by Editorial Team
02 November 2007

The current financial climate has led to employees facing the full responsibility for their futures, The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) has claimed.

According to a spokesperson for the group, employers are increasingly keen to keep the administrative issues attached to running schemes at arms’ length, leaving the burden with staff.

Des Hamilton, TPAS’ technical director, stated: “What the employer is effectively saying is: I’ll contribute x per cent of your salary but after that I want as little involvement as possible.”

The expert’s comments are borne out to some degree by official government statistics which indicate a 500,000-person fall over the last three years in the numbers of occupational pension schemes.

However, this greater depth of responsibility has not necessarily translated to an improved degree of certainty among employees, suggested Mr Hamilton. He noted that shouldering “responsibility” does not always equate to being “in control”.

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