Savings Bonds Spotlight – Deposit Plan That Will Pay 8% pa or 3x FTSE Growth

Written by Editorial Team
Last updated: 26th May 2019

Looking for higher returns from your cash?

If capital protection is a top priority, yet you still want to achieve high growth returns this new plan from IDAD could be an interesting option.

The Callable Deposit Plan is different from most other plans as the Deposit Taker (Goldman Sachs Bank International) can choose to ‘call’ or end the plan early on any quarterly anniversary date from year one onwards. If they do decide to end the plan then it will pay a return of 2% x the number of quarters the plan has been running plus the return of capital.

If the deposit taker decides to let the plan run for the full 6 year term then at maturity it will pay an attractive 3 x any FTSE growth over the period, plus a return of capital. As with other deposits your capital is also eligible for FSCS protection but if the Index is lower at this point, you will only get your initial capital back.

Although this plan has an uncertain end date, by offering some of the highest deposit returns available on the market no matter how the FTSE performs, or a very competitive potential return if it runs the full term, it could provide a very attractive alternative when comparing with other deposit based options.

Capital Protected Plan

8% pa or 3x FTSE 100 Growth

Deposit Taker: Goldman Sachs International Bank

  • Up to 6 year term
  • 2% per quarter (8% pa) – if the Deposit Taker ends the plan early
  • 3 x FTSE 100 Index  growth (no cap) – if the plan runs for the full term
  • Available in ISA

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