Small Business Liability Insurance

Small businesses require liability insurance in a number of areas. The first is employer liability insurance that, with some exceptions, is required for every business with the UK. If your small business only employs a single person or it is a non-limited company that only employees members of your family then employer liability insurance is not required.

Professional liability insurance and public liability insurance may also be required depending on what type of business you run. Click through the preceding links for more information. Some businesses are required to have one or the other due to their profession e.g. lawyers are required to have professional liability insurance.

Failing to obtain the right insurance for your business can lead to fines from government authorities or, worse, a compensation claim that your business is unable to handle.

To find the right liability insurance for your small business, use the free comaprison table below - get quotes and apply online today:

Small Businesses Public Liability Insurance
ProviderPublic Liability QuotesEmployer Liability QuotesSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
Standard cover up to £10mStandard cover up to £10mWhatever the business we have it covered. Fast quotes and competitive prices as we compare prices from a range of UK underwriters. Get Quotes >
Up to £10mUp to £10mGet Public Liability Insurance Quotes for a wide range of businesses - just fill in one form to compare deals.Get Quotes >
Up to £5mUp to £10mHigh quality liability insurance designed to suit your business needs. Join over 40,000 trade and construction customers who choose to protect their business with us. Up to £600 p/w personal accident cover, £15k tool cover, £100k professional indemnity, optional employers liability coverGet Quotes >