Travel Insurance Covers Rising Number Of Skiing Accidents

Written by Editorial Team
26 December 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

AA Travel Insurance has warned that keep skiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes this winter should make sure they are covered, as the number of accidents on the piste is rising.

The new ski season got off to a good start, according to AA travel insurance, with early snowfall in some of Europe’s popular resorts.

However, the early snowfall could be many a skier or snowboarder’s downfall if they happen to come a cropper on the slopes without having sufficient wintersports travel insurance, AA warns, as an increasing number are doing in order to keep the cost down during the ongoing decision.

The Good Ski Guide magazine has warned of an increase in accidents on the piste, particularly among snowboarders, with snowboarding becoming increasingly popular with wintersports fans.

The most common accidents on the slopes are collisions between skiers and snowboarders. The most commonly occurring injury is broken wrists, as the most natural form of defence is to try and break the fall by putting out a hand.

AA Travel Insurance is concerned about the fifth of Britons now taking a winterports holiday each year who could be putting themselves in danger from overcrowding, which leads many to take the potentially dangerous decision to go off-piste instead.

Christian Young, director of AA Travel Insurance, says: “I’m most concerned that according to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, up to a third are travelling without insurance that covers the sports they intend to take part in.”

John Hill, editor of Good Ski Guide adds: “The unpalatable reality is skiing and snowboarding brings a much higher than average risk of injury which, without proper cover, could result in a family facing bills amounting to thousands of pounds.”

Travel insurance is a necessary precaution, he said, “because the unexpected may be just around the next bend.”

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