Travel Insurance Fears Keep Brits At Home

Written by Editorial Team
18 May 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

Confidence in travelling abroad is falling in Brits, who have been put off by the disruptions caused by the Icelandic volcano which has closed airports and grounded flights across Europe.

According to, continued disruptions resulting from the volcanic ash cloud and threats of strike action by British Airways staff are serving to shake travellers’ confidence and put them off booking a flight.

The research found that a quarter of people are less confident now when booking foreign holidays, and half of travellers are considering a ‘staycation’ instead of a foreign holiday, because of fears that their trip will be cancelled and they could lose money if their travel insurance does not pay out.

While the airline is obligated to offer a refund or alternative flight, other costs such as holiday accommodation and car hire might not be covered and the traveller could end up being left with the bill and the cost of rescheduling if the volcano disrupts their plans.

Despite fears regarding ongoing disruptions, however, in addition to the usual risks involved, seven per cent of Brits said they will go on holiday abroad this year without any travel insurance.

Commenting on the study’s findings, Steve Williams, head of travel insurance at, said: “It’s a concern that some people still think travel insurance is a waste of time, despite recent events.

“Travel insurance covers eventualities including delays and cancelled holidays and insurers are still offering cover for holidays affected by the ash cloud. This cover comes as an ‘add on’ to a standard policy. When considering the unpredictability of the situation and prolonged disruption, this and BA strikes are causing, travel insurance should not be overlooked.”

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