73% of UK residents believe medical insurance is too expensive

Written by Editorial Team
Last updated: 23rd March 2024

A recent survey carried out by Activequote found that British residents estimated the cost of a family medical insurance policy for 4 members at £78.10, double the actual cost of £40 pm.

The survey of 2000 adults found that 73% of Brits feel that a medical insurance policy would be too expensive to justify having it. 37% of those surveyed had no idea what a PMI policy would cost.

“To think that so many people still clearly believe the age-old myth that private healthcare is somehow a privilege afforded only by the rich is not only disappointing, it’s also extremely worrying too,” said Mark Todd, PMI team leader at ActiveQuote.

“Many people are clearly deciding not to even consider looking at the option of PMI for their families – writing it off as they consider it too expensive before enquiring about the costs. At a time when healthcare in general is under growing pressure and is an increasingly significant issue across the UK – and the importance of using PMI as a safeguarding measure has in many ways never been greater – that a clear majority of people still have little or no idea of the relatively affordable products available to them is a huge concern.”

Mark added: “As an industry, we need to work hard to inform and educate the public on private medical insurance on its availability, and more importantly its affordability. In a world where healthcare challenges are perceived by some to be more prevalent than ever, and the public care environment is considered less reliable by others, the real shame here is that families across the UK are seemingly missing out due to age-old misconceptions – misconceptions that are holding consumers back at a time when they could well stand to benefit the most.”

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