Provisional Marmalade Launches Car Insurance For Learner Drivers

Written by Editorial Team
13 July 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

A new car insurance policy for learner drivers has been launched by young driver specialists Young Marmalade, which is specifically designed for those with a provisional licence.

Provisional Marmalade car insurance caters for those who are learning to drive, offering a number of advantages over the alternative options.

Adding a child to a parent’s car insurance policy is a common way of allowing budding drivers to get some practice in before their test, which the Driving Standards Agency says makes for better drivers.

But, this method has some pitfalls, Provisional Marmalade explains, such as affecting the no claims bonus (NCB) of the owner if the child damages the car.

Provisional Marmalade offers a policy in the learner driver’s name, so only their no claims bonus is affected if they have to make a claim, not the owner of the car.

“Provisional Marmalade solves the biggest problem facing friends and family when allowing a learner driver to practice in their car – protecting their own no claims bonus,” said Nigel Lacey, Provisional Marmalade spokesperson.

“If a learner is responsible for a crash whilst driving the car, any claim is made against the learner driver’s policy and does not affect the car owner’s policy or their No Claim Bonus.”

With Provisional Marmalade car insurance, learner drivers can take out short-term cover, for one, two, or three months, which can be renewed if it runs out and they have still not passed their test.

Cover starts from £2.99 day, which Mr Lacey says is “just a fraction of adding the learner to the car owner’s policy,” and applicants can get instant cover when they apply online.

It provides cover for cars up to insurance group 16, and up to a value of £20,000, which encompasses most family cars.

Young Marmalade car insurance is in its fourth year, providing specialist young driver car insurance.

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