Car insurance not compromised as drivers cut costs

Written by Editorial Team
07 September 2009 / by Andy Davies

Many drivers are finding savvy ways to cut costs without compromising their car insurance cover, research by ibuyeco has revealed.

The eco car insurance provider has found that 46 per cent of drivers are now employing ‘smoother’ driving methods when accelerating and braking in a bid to cut costs over the past 12 months.

In an effort to make fuel last longer, 35 per cent of drivers ensured they kept their tyres pumped up, 34 per cent said they no longer use air-conditioning, whilst 31 per cent admitted to travelling with less luggage in the car.

While drivers may have altered their driving habits to reduce costs, only 12 per cent of motorists have considered reducing the level of car insurance cover and only a third of the 12 per cent have actually done this.

Pleased with these findings, Lucy Bailey, senior marketing manager at ibuyeco, said: “It is great to see that British motorists have been so savvy in the current economic downturn by taking measures to reduce their driving costs without taking risks with their cover.   

“Savings from even small adjustments in the way you drive can soon add up but it is not just good for the pocket. Many of these habits, such as car sharing and switching off the engine in traffic jams, are also good for the environment.”

Ibuyeco believes some drivers could still make savings with 27 per cent of motorists saying they have not altered their driving style in the last 12 months.

Ms Bailey believes it is not wise to reduce car insurance cover as it could prove more costly in the long-term as 32 per cent of drivers admitted avoiding adding extras like breakdown cover.

She said: “While the nation is trying to save on expense in these tough times sometimes cutting back on extras such as breakdown cover can be a false economy.  A few pounds saved on the extras could cost much as £277 for a truck to tow you and your car home.”

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