New Apple IPhone May Be Unveiled While Talks With China Mobile Are Suspended

Written by Editorial Team

New Apple iPhone may be unveiled, while talks with China Mobile are suspended

16 January 2008 / by Verity G
According to reports, American consumer electronics firm Apple may announce the launch of a new and improved version of the Apple iPhone at the MacWorld Expo, which is currently being held in San Francisco.

The original iPhone, which launched in the UK last November, had been long anticipated by many consumers, some of whom queued overnight prior to its launch. However, these buyers are likely to be disappointed if an upgraded model is introduced, particularly as reports indicate that it will be offered at the same price.

It is likely that the new model will have at least double the memory – which is currently 8GB – and could even boast memory of up to 32GB. It may also become easier to view video footage on the iPhone in the near future. Although new buyers are expected to welcome these developments, existing iPhone customers may feel short-changed, as a number of US buyers did when the price of the phone was reduced by $200 shortly after the handset became available.

There are also rumours that a 3G iPhone is being developed in the US. The phone would potentially allow users to download internet files more quickly, although this is likely to be reflected in the price. It is thought that a model may be shown at the Expo, although it is not expected to be available for retail for some time.

Meanwhile, it appears that discussions between Apple and telecoms giant China Mobile over the Chinese launch of the phone have broken down. Reports suggest that the two companies could not reach an agreement about revenue sharing. China Mobile share prices fell following reports that the company had walked away from a deal.

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