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15 March 2013 / by Isabel Buxton

Accidental damage is the most common reason for making a claim on home contents insurance policies, new research by Confused.com has found. So, according to the survey, what were the most frequent reasons for claims in 2012?

1 – Accidental damage

Nearly half of all claims related to accidental damage – a term that can cover everything from knocking over your TV to spilling paint on your carpet. Far and away the biggest reason for claims was for accidental damage. Accidental damage is useful for the accident-prone tenants among because it also covers you if you happen to break something belonging to your landlord.

2 – Storm damage

This was the second most-cited reason for contents insurance claims, covering damage to your furniture and personal possessions due to adverse weather conditions. If you live anywhere prone to floods, for example, this will be an essential consideration.

3 – Theft from the home

This scenario is probably what springs to most people’s minds when they think of contents insurance – in the event of your home being burgled, how would you replace your valuables?

4 – Water damage

The forth most frequent reason for claims was for damage caused by leaks, burst pipes or faulty plumbing.

5 – Accidental damage and theft away from the home

At number five in the top claims list was theft and damage away from the home. Protection for your valuables when you take them out of the house can often be added as a top-up to a regular contents policy. Do bear in mind that it’s rarely included as standard, so if this is something you’re keen on, check with your provider that accidental damage insurance it’s included.

Essential protection

Home contents cover is vital, whether you rent or own your home. If you’re a tenant, you don’t generally need to worry about things relating to the building itself, as these should be covered by your landlord. However, it’s vital that you arrange proper insurance for your personal possessions. This is where a home contents insurance policy comes in.

Getting the right home contents cover

Arranging a home contents insurance policy required you to give a bit of thought to the kind of things you’d like to include in the cover. For example, do you own an expensive bike, laptop or phone? If so, it may be worth paying a higher premium for away-from-home cover, so your bike is protected if it gets stolen when you’re out and about. Do you have small children, or pets? Accidental damage cover will probably high on your list of priorities. Make sure you think carefully about your lifestyle – and what you’re prepared to pay in premiums – before taking out cover.

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