Investment Advice

Investment Advice

For first-timers as well as people who are already investing

Would you like help with investing?

  • Lots of people are aware that the cash in their savings accounts is hardly growing. But the variety of stocks and shares and investment funds on offer stops them from taking the first step to making their money work harder.
  • Investing could be something to consider, provided you’re prepared to invest for at least five years and are comfortable with the risks involved.
  • Those who are already investing may feel that the shares and fund holdings they already have aren’t performing as well as they expected. Or they want to invest more, or review their investment funds to ensure they remain suitable for their needs.

There isn’t “one best investment” that can be recommended for everyone.

How and what you invest in depends on how much you can afford to invest, how long you can commit to, your capacity to manage any loss and your risk appetite. (In general, the more risk you’re comfortable with, the greater the potential rewards over the long term.) However you need to be investing for at least five years and comfortable with risks involved.

That’s why personalised investment advice is really helpful.

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We’ve asked Skipton Building Society to provide a personal investment advice service for us

We’ve chosen the trusted Skipton Building Society to provide a personal financial  planning service for people just like you, who use the Fair Investment site. They’ve been around since 1853 and today help over 1 million customers save for the future and secure their own homes. They have have over 30 years’ experience in helping people plan for a stronger financial future.

Trusted Investment Advice

  • There’s no pressure to act on their advice, and no upfront fees to pay. You’ll have the time you need to decide if you want to act on their recommendations, and will only pay a fee if you do.
  • You can speak to a Skipton adviser in a Skipton branch or without even leaving your home– they offer an award-winning video link service. You can also have an appointment over the phone or in a Skipton branch.
  • Free initial appointments and you’ll only be charged if you decide to proceed with the recommendations provided.
  • They’re a mutual society, not driven by shareholders.

How could your money be invested?

Skipton offers restricted financial advice, they will typically recommend you invest in their core investment solution, which is a single Fund, or their model portfolio made up of a combination of carefully selected funds. Both of which are suitably diversified and invest in a wide range of assets such as bonds, shares and property.

This helps to reduce the level of risk for you, because if one area isn’t performing well another may be doing better.

And you’ll always be advised to invest for at least five years. This is because markets can at times experience short-term dips and volatility. But over the long-term, they usually rise. It is important to remember that past performance is not a guide for future returns.

Important information…

The aim of your investment advice will be to make your money earn more than it would have done in a cash savings account.. It does mean placing your capital at risk, as its value can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invest.

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Fair Investment’s financial advice service is provided by Skipton Building Society. Skipton is a member of the Building Societies Association, authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 153706 to accept deposits, advise on and arrange mortgages and provide Restricted financial advice. Principal office: The Bailey, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1DN. If you take advice from Skipton Building Society, Fair Investment will receive a fee for the introduction.