Pension Advice

Impartial Advice & Quotes on Pensions & Annuities

If you are looking for pension advice, whether you are looking to start your first pension scheme as an Individual or a Company, or if you are looking for advice on your current/past schemes, making the right choice is not always straightforward. :

Our Pension Service* provides:-

  • Impartial Quotes & Advice on your pension options.
  • Advice on transferring pensions and transfer analysis comparing existing scheme benefits with the new scheme.
  • Information & Advice on Self Invested Pension schemes.
  • Close to retirement? - Quotes & Advice on your Annuity rates Options - You could get up to 40% more income by choosing the right annuity provider for you. Information & Advice on other retirement income products.
  • Assessment of your circumstances to find the most suitable type of pension for you.
  • Helping you with the relevant paperwork to ensure that your pension is processed smoothly.


Below are some tips when getting pension advice:

  • Research - Do as much pension research as possible into what you will receive from your State Pension, and any other company or private pension schemes you have. 
  • Independent Professional Pension Advice - Always seek professional advice before entering into a Pensions Scheme. An independent pension adviser will be able to give you up to date advice which will be relevant to your personal circumstances.
  • Ask ‘what if' questions – Before you sign up to any Pension Scheme make sure that you have asked all the ‘what if' questions possible. Some examples of questions to get you going might be What if I die before I retirement age? What if I get divorced? What if I change my job? And so on.


Since 6th April 2006 pension legislation has changed in the UK which has significant implications on the provision of benefits and/or the levels of contributions your scheme can accept.  

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