Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover

Life and Critical Insurance cover Quotes

Combining Life insurance and critical illness cover in the same policy can be cost efficient.


Critical illness cover and life insurance are different in a number of key areas. Having critical illness cover means that a person will receive a cash payment if they are diagnosed with one of illnesses or disabilities specified in the policy wording.
Critical illness cover can provide the level of financial security to a family during treatment for a serious illness. Life insurance will only pay out on the death of the policyholder to their estate or nominated beneficiaries.

If life insurance and critical illness cover are combined in this way, the insured can have financial peace of mind that there dependents will be protected.


With regards to critical illness cover, some provider’s policies cover more illnesses than others and this should always be kept in mind when comparing critical illness and life insurance quotes. Comparing quotes solely on price can be misleading. In this respect it makes sense to speak to a broker who understands the market. 

It is important to read the small print when comparing life and critical illness insurance quotes to make sure the policy is suited to your individual situation.


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