Life Insurance for Disabled People

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If you have a disability it may or may not have a impact on you ability to get affordable life insurance. Life insurance premiums are determined by a number of factors including age, gender, whether you smoke, lifstyle factors and your health status. While life insurance quotes are based on standard health terms each insurance company will have their own criteria in determining whether terms are offered on a case by case basis. In this respect if you feel you could get a better deal on your existing cover or you wish to increase your protection then using the services of a life insurance broker may save you both time and money.

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Whether or not a disabled person will face higher premiums will depend upon a number of things:

  • The severity of the disability
  • Whether the disability affects vital organs in such a way as to pose serious risks of future medical conditions
  • If the disability actively contributes to a shortened life expectancy
  • The extent to which the applicant's daily routine is negatively affected by the disability

It is entirely possible that a person who leads an active and self-sufficient life will be able to find a life insurance policy where premiums are charged at the normal rate. Different insurers treat the issue of life insurance for disabled people differently - use our life insurance service to help you get a better deal.