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Unum the second insurer to advertise income protection on Downton Abbey TV breaks
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Unum the second insurer to advertise income protection on Downton Abbey TV breaks

03 October 2011 / by Emma Thompson

Unum have followed Aviva in revealing a new income protection advertising campaign that will be shown during the breaks of popular ITV Sunday evening programme, Downton Abbey. 

Aviva have already targeted this prime advertising slot by sponsoring the flagship programme’s second series in a campaign that aims to promote their own income protection product.  So far, their campaign has featured the story of Gary, a motorcyclist who, after being involved in a traffic accident, is protected by his income protection policy.

Unum’s income protection adverts will also be broadcasted during several other popular programmes such as DCI Banks and news slots on ITV and Location Location Location and The Secret Millionaire on Channel 4.

£15 million Advertising Campaign

According to Unum, the adverts form a part of their consumer education campaign that they have been working on since the beginning of the year.  This three year campaign, costing £15 million, aims to raise consumer awareness of the gap in their financial protection.  So far, the campaign has had a PR and social media focus, as well as online and print affiliations.

Unum has said that the television adverts aimed to “raise awareness of this important issue among consumers.”

No back up plan

It said that 90% of the population currently “don’t have a back-up plan to support themselves if they were to lose their income due to illness or injury, indicating a significant need for protection.”

“We have set a challenge to make income protection interesting and accessible to UK workers in a positive way in order to raise awareness of that need.

“The creative solution aims to deliver the message around the importance of a back-up plan in an engaging and memorable way, with the ultimate aim of growing the UK protection market,” it added.

Awareness of the importance of Protection

Head of marketing strategy at Unum UK, Tim Jackson, stated that the company are “hoping these adverts will create a significant buzz among consumers about the importance of having a back-up plan to protect their income.

“Our consumer awareness campaign highlights the significance of such protection and the adverts aim to start conversations amongst consumers with their friends, family and – importantly – their employers.

He added that the focus of Unum’s advertising campaign was on developing the income protection insurance market in its entirety.  “This is not so much about Unum advertising their products and more that Unum, along with a growing number of insurers, is ensuring consumers are aware of the need for protection.”

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