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yesFast consultations – book a video consultation with a GP or specialist in minutes. Get dedicated cancer support - If you’re diagnosed with cancer, we’ll assign you a highly experienced Case Manager who’ll support you throughout your treatment and help you understand every step of the process.Get Quotes >
yesWith Comprehensive Cover No financial limits - so you'll have peace of mind that you won’t run out of funding for eligible treatment with the hospitals you’ve chosen as part of your policy and a fee assured consultant.Get Quotes >
yesSupportive care – with 24/7 telephone access to our nurses and counsellors through our medical helpline Health at Hand, we’re here for you no matter how late it is or however long it takes.Get Quotes >
yesRewards Programme Vitality Plus makes looking after your health more rewarding; the more you participate and improve your Vitality status the higher your discounts will be with Vitality reward partners, Eurostar, Mark Warner, Champneys and Cineworld.Get Quotes >

Compare Low Cost Medical Insurance

Many people believe there is nothing more important than having good health and well being. In order to ensure all aspects of your health are intact, medical insurance at a low cost may be the best possible option for you.

Because the medical insurance market is an extremely competitive one, it is always possible for savvy consumers to get great deals on medical insurance at a low cost. You should research different companies to find the best possible medical insurance quote. It is important to get the best value for your money and there are a number of ways to purchase medical insurance at low costs.

Medical insurance policies range from figures like £5 per month to much higher figures, depending on what each policy offers and the services that are included. It is worth conducting thorough research into the various services that each insurance provider offers.

There are a number of ways to obtain medical insurance at low costs, compared with expensive insurance policies that offer private medical care with additional bonus features.


  • You may wish to consider joining a group medical insurance policy (only applicable to employees of an organization that offers this)
  • You may be able to join with your partner’s medical insurance plan (this is a cost-effective way of obtaining medical insurance without having to purchase individual medical insurance policies)

You may be anxious about leaving your family to pay a mortgage or pay bills without the help of your steady income. For your own peace of mind, you should seriously consider purchasing medical insurance, which can be purchased as a package for the whole family at a cheaper rate than buying an individual insurance policy.