Medical Insurance for Expats

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Medical Insurance For Expats
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Medical Insurance for Expats

You can still insure yourself against having to pay the full cost of medical treatments in the UK if you are an expat visiting, or you can get a more global policy.

For British expats, medical insurance is available from a range of different companies and the key to finding the best policy is to take the time to compare medical insurance quotes.

There are two main ways in which an insurance company will calculate what they will charge you in premiums:

1. Full medical underwriting involves the company will ask you to supply a medical history. The company may feel that they want to contact your doctor as well

2. Moratorium underwriting is where the insurance company does not ask for a medical history but instead does not offer to extend your cover to include any past illnesses or treatments you have undergone

Getting medical insurance quotes using the table below simply involves clicking on the links of the providers you like the sound of.

An important point for expats seeking medical insurance to remember is that private medical insurance generally does not cover long term conditions because that is the remit of the NHS; to provide care to all who need it in the UK.

Because of this fact, most polices will come with a fairly hefty list of exclusions, so you are advised to read all of the small print so that you do not accidently find yourself under-insured.

Another important point to consider is that many companies will not cover any pre-existing conditions that you have suffered from. It is crucial that you are open with the providers when disclosing your medical history, as your policy can become null and void if you are found to have omitted anything.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has guides to private medial insurance on their website, and these can be a great tool when comparing different medical insurance quotes.