M&S; car insurance urges caution getting back on the road

Written by Editorial Team
15 January 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

Marks & Spencer car insurance is urging drivers to use caution when getting behind the wheel following the recent freeze.

Many drivers have left their cars under the snow while the it has affected most of the UK over the past week, but icy conditions continue to make the roads dangerous so drivers should be take precautions if they do dig the car out and hit the road.

M&S car insurance urges those who cannot heed the police advice to stay off the roads if possible should clear all snow and ice so that they can see where they are going, the car insurance provider says, and should make sure the car is roadworthy.

David Wells, head of insurance at M&S, said: “Motorists living in areas where roads are icy should heed police advice and not make unnecessary journeys.”

But for those that do, he said, “Before getting back into your vehicle clear all snow and ice, making sure that you have clear visibility. Also ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, including checking the tyre conditions and that all lights are working.”

Other precautions include checking anti-freeze levels, carrying some de-icer and an ice-scraper, making sure wipers are in good working order, topping up on windscreen washer fluid, and taking an emergency survival kit with a torch, blankets, mobile phone, tow rope, first-aid kit, hot water bottle, a shovel and snacks and water.

Marks & Spencer Premier car insurance provides cover not only for the policyholders car, but also the driver, as well as UK and European breakdown cover, in the instance that they get unlucky and their car breaks down.

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