News Zurich Launches New Structured Product

Written by Editorial Team
23 January 2010 / by Andy Davies
Zurich has announced the launch of its new Equity Linked Growth Account.

A five year investment, the Zurich Equity Linked Growth Account offers investors the potential to earn 80 per cent of any growth of the FTSE 100 index, whilst protecting their original capital investment if the stock market falls or remains static.

Investors can open an account by depositing a minimum of £2,500 and can invest up to £1million, while £3,600 of this investment can be the investor’s cash ISA contribution for the 2009/10 tax year.

Commenting, Paul Wright, Zurich’s investment management director said: “We are seeing indications that economic recovery is underway, though the forecasts show that this will be slow and fragile. With this in mind, financial security through capital protection remains at the top of the agenda for investors.

“The Equity Linked Growth Account is an ideal vehicle for more cautious investors who want to reap the rewards of growth from the FTSE index and market recovery, without having to take all of the risks usually associated with direct investment in stocks and shares – as their original capital investment remains protected.”

Investors who submit their applications by 22 February 2010 will be eligible to receive an ‘early bird bonus’ of 0.33 per cent, while all applications must be received by 29 March 2010.

However, Zurich’s new structured product will be available to investors throughout the year as a new edition is launched when another one closes.

Despite the volatility of the market, Mr Wright is adamant Zurich remains “well positioned to weather the storm”.

“With 27 consecutive quarters of growth, a strong balance sheet and clear investment strategy, customers can feel confident about investing with the group,” he added.

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