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Bridgewater Equity Release

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If you are an older homeowner who is currently retired or if you are considering retiring you may feel that your current pension is not enough to allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you want, if so you may have been considering what a Bridgewater Equity Release plan could offer you.

Bridgewater Equity Release are a subsidiary of Grainger and member of SHIP, they provide a range of different Home Reversion schemes, which will allow you to access some of the capital tied up in your property either through a one off lump sum or a series of regular payments. Without you or your partner having to downsize or move out of your home.

Advantages of a home reversion plan:

  • Sell all or part of your home in exchange for a tax free lump sum or a regular ‘income’
  • You and your partner can carry on living in your house for the rest of your life.
  • If for whatever reason your circumstances change you still have the opportunity to move to a different property as long as it meets the suitability criteria.

How does home reversion work?

Home reversion plans allow you to access some of the money your property is worth without having to downsize. Instead you sell all or a portion of the ownership of your property to a home reversion company like Bridgwater for less than the market value. In return they will pay you a fixed amount as either a lump sum or in a regular income, these payments are tax free and you can use any funds raised for whatever you like.

You are also guaranteed the right to continue living in your home for the rest of your life rent free. After you die or move into care the proceeds from the sale of your home are shared in accordance to the proportions owned.

How much equity could I release from my home?

The specific maximum amount you can release through a home reversion plan depends predominately on the market value of your home at time of valuation. Bridgewater to offer a Home reversion calculator that could give a rough estimate of how much you might be able to release, however other factors can influence the amount as well such as;Whether the plan is for one person or a couple your age at time of application How much you would like to reserve to leave to any beneficiaries.

Does home reversion have any costs involved?

Some providers and plans do incur some arrangement and administration fees however others do not. You should therefore consider all of your options before committing to a plan to make sure you get getting the best deal for you. You will in most cases though need to pay legal fees to your own solicitor.

Is home reversion right for me?

To decide if a home reversion plan is the right way to release equity from your house it is important to consider all of your options. There are several equity release products available on the market; Bridgewater Equity Release is just one of many. It is also important to consider if an alternative to home reversion such as a Lifetime Mortgage might be a better option for you. To find out more about the different types of equity release, such and which one is right for you, simply click on the link and fill in the quick form and an equity release specialist will get back to you with free, no obligation quotes and advice.

We work with independent equity release specialist Key Advice who provide:

Equity Release Service

  • Borrowing options from age 55 to 99
  • Independent advice on your mortgage options
  • Interest only options
  • Top UK lenders compared
  • One short form to complete

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Equity release may affect your entitlement to state benefits and will reduce the value of your estate. It may involve a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan. All content set out in this website is provided for information only and should not be considered as advice. It is strongly recommended that you seek advice of a qualified, independent financial advisor before making any decisions to take out an equity release product.