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Pet Insurance For Older Cats – Keeping Costs Down!

If your cat is approaching middle age, you are likely to want to protect him or her from illness or injury.

However, with the average bill for emergency vet treatment at around £300, these costs may be weighing heavily on your mind.

Our pet insurance comparison tables below contain details of a number of different providers that may be able to offer quotes for pet insurance for older cats:

With an appropriate pet insurance policy for older cats, the cost of this bill could instead be met by your insurer.

Certain policies could also cover extra chronic conditions that your elderly cat may suffer from. With a suitable pet insurance quote for treatment, dental fees, behavioral treatment, physiotherapy or even alternative treatments such as homeopathy could also potentially be covered.

Pet insurance for older cats is usually available in three different types of policy:

  • Time-limited
  • Maximum benefit
  • Lifetime cover (the most comprehensive)

There are several different providers that could offer quotes for pet insurance for older cats.

As premiums for older pets can often be more expensive than for younger animals, it is strongly recommended that you shop around and compare older cat pet insurance quotes from several insurers to ensure that you get the best possible deal.