Student Current Accounts

Student Current Accounts

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Santander 1|2|3 Student Current Account
Funding Required
£500 per term
£1,500 Interest Free increasing to £2,000

A free 4-year Santander 16-25 Railcard which could save you 1/3 off rail travel in Great Britain

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If you are going to university you may wish to consider opening a student account. A student account is similar to a current account, the main difference being that it has the benefit of a large interest free overdraft, ideal for you if you are moving away from home for the first time and are perhaps not used to controlling your own finances and being so independent.

Converting your Current Account into a Student Current Account

Most banks and building societies offer the student account option but it is fair to say that most people who are going to university stick with their original bank and simply convert it into a student account.

Sticking with the same bank is beneficial as you may already be greatly acquainted with the online banking system used by that bank but it is certainly worth comparing various student current accounts offered by different banks in order to find the best offers. Many banks provide attractive incentives to students so shop around.

Converting your Student Current Account into a Graduate Current Account

Once you have graduated, most banks or building societies that offer student current accounts also provide the option of converting your student current account into a graduate current account, with the interest free overdraft still an available option.

This is a valuable feature on a student current account and is attractive to anyone about to become a student who has rent to pay, loan instalments to manage, possible grants and bursaries, bills to pay and not to mention food shopping and money set aside for the many drinking opportunities that may come your way.

Compare Current Accounts

Before you commit to a particular bank or building society’s student current account, it is wise to compare a range of available student current accounts offered by different banking organisations. Use our comparison tables to gain insight into the various options available to you. Our team have done the hard work for you and will save you time, energy and the possible stress that comes with searching for the right student current account for you.