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With the recent increase in the base rate by the Bank of England mortgage rates are starting to rise

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Depending on your circumstances and individual needs, a fixed rate mortgage could prove to be a very useful, as they are considered to be very reliable.

These fixed rate mortgages may come with a number of useful benefits, including:

  • A guarantee that your monthly payments will be of the same amount for the set term, making it easier for you to set out your budget for this period
  • Security against any rises in interest rates during this set term
  • As they are widely used, rates for these mortgages may be highly competitive

Although they can be very useful, it is also worth considering the following potential drawbacks of opting for a fixed rate mortgage:

  • As interest rates do not rise or fall with the Bank of England base rate, fixed rate mortgages could prove to be more costly than variable or tracker mortgages if interest rates were to drop over the years
  • The initial rates of fixed rate mortgages may be comparatively high

It is worth remembering that fixed rate mortgages, like any other financial product may have several strengths and weaknesses depending on the circumstances of the customers. Indeed very few financial products are without any element of risk.

One of the best way to find the most suitable mortgage is to compare fixed rate mortgage deals from several different lenders.

With this in mind, customers should also consider which repayment option they may be best suited to.

Interest only mortgages allow customers to only repay the interest on their mortgage every month, although the loan itself must be repaid in full at the end of the term. Using a repayment mortgage, customers gradually repay both the interest and loan itself every month until they own their property outright.

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