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In the event that you are looking for a large mortgage in excess of £750,000, you may benefit from our larger loan service which not only deal with the larger mortgage teams at high street banks but also options provided by private banks who can offer bespoke solutions.

How to get a large mortgage

Securing a large mortgage loan can be more challenging depending on your situation.

Lenders typically are more selective when it comes to larger loans.

Why use a specialist mortgage broker?

In the event that you are seeking a large mortgage selecting a specialist larger mortgage broker can make the difference.

A selection of the advantages of picking a large mortgage expert could include:

  • Mortgage options  that are hard to get on the high street, beginning from £750,000 in value and customized for your specific circumstances.
  • Competitive mortgage rates to fit your situation
  • A solid contact base of larger mortgage lenders – A large mortgage specialist intermediary is likely to have a broad system of contacts to help you get the large mortgage deal that you need. Contacts could include a range of private banks and high value home loan specialists.
  • Expertise in understanding your individual monetary circumstances – whether you are hoping to purchase in the UK from abroad, hold money in a foreign currency, or are non-domiciled in the UK, an expert larger mortgage specialist may have the capacity to help you locate the mortgage offer that suits you.
  • A bespoke administration process from start to finish – A large mortgage specialist can help to make the whole mortgage process simple and straightforward.
  • Get access to high value bridging loan deals – this could allow you to complete your purchase in the event that the purchasing chain is held up or your sale is cancelled.
  • Flexible mortgage terms – a specialist mortgage broker can help you to get the flexible larger mortgage deal you want

What factors may be taken into consideration by lenders and banks when offering a large mortgage?

When considering whether to lend to you, providers of large mortgages may consider the following points:

  • Income and other sources of finance – as a high value borrower, you may have a high yet sporadic stream of income instead of a salaried employment.
  • Your nationality, domicile or country of residence (if it is not the UK) – Quite a substantial number of large mortgage borrowers are non-UK nationals, have financial interests abroad, or are non-domiciled for tax purposes. A good specialist large mortgage will be able to help you find sympathetic mortgage lenders and get the best large mortgage arrangement for you.
  • Your proposed repayment methods and plans – Many large home loans are accessible as repayment, interest only or offset mortgage deals.
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