AA Personal Loans

Selected Personal Loan Deals

Loan Type
Post Office Personal Loan
3.4% APR
Representative (£7,501-£25,000)
Loan Term
1 to 7 Years

£1,000 to £25,000
Excellent Credit Only!

Representative Example:  The Representative APR is 3.4%. Based on a loan amount of £10,000 over 60 months at an interest rate of 3.4% p.a. (fixed). Monthly repayment of £181.24. Total amount repayable £10,874.29.

AA Personal Loans

Whether you are thinking of taking out a loan to buy a big ticket item, cover the costs of some home improvements or maybe to consolidate debt whatever the reason you are thinking about taking out a loan your first priority is probably getting the best deal you can.

AA personal loans are unsecured – check the tables above to see if you can find yourself a competitive loan.

Types of loan

Before you take out a loan it is important to consider which type may be the most suitable for your needs;

Personal loan

Personal Loans typically allow you to borrow between £1,000 and £25,000 over a variable period of time. Lenders generally offer lower rates of interests on larger sums however this does not mean r this does not mean you should take out a larger loan you cannot afford to service or repay.

You can use personal loan calculators provided by many lenders to get a rough idea of how much your repayments would be on different sized loans, however the rate you are given by the calculator is not necessarily guaranteed to be the interest rate a lender will offer you should you apply for a personal loan. This is because many lenders will adapt the APR they offer each borrower based on an assessment of their financial circumstances such as their credit history as well as how much they earn. You do not have to be a homeowner to take out a personal loan.

When choosing a personal loan, it is always important to compare the loan market before settling for one deal. Our free loan quotes service can help with this. Acceptance is based upon personal circumstances and everyone is individually assessed. As a basis for qualification, you must be a permanent UK resident between the ages of 25 and 70, with no history of bad credit such as County Court Judgements (CCJs) or bankruptcy. Homeowners are more likely to be accepted.

Homeowner loan

Secured loans or homeowner loans are a different kind of loan. With this kind you have to put up a property you own as security against the loan, this means if you fail to keep up with your repayments then lender could repossess your house. Because of this additional level of security lenders are normally willing to offer larger amounts of money, typically up to £250,000, as well as longer repayment terms.

AA personal loans are not currently available, however there are still many lenders offering personal loans, some providers will give you a decision in minutes and, if accepted, could receive your money within days.

*If a lender has pre-approved for a loan product this means they have conducted a soft search of your credit file and there is a good chance they will lend to you. Pre-approval does not guarantee you a loan. All loans are subject to lender and provider requirements and approval.