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Offset mortgages for buy to let properties are often considered a good option for landlords, particularly if they can maintain a steady or increasing source of income that will offset their interest payments.

Many offset mortgages are also highly flexible, allowing the policy holder to under or overpay as they see fit depending on their financial circumstances, something that may be particularly useful for landlords.

If for example a landlord has a mortgage on a property for £320,000, and a savings or current account with £110,000 linked to their offset mortgage. They would only be expected to pay interest on their mortgage worth £210,000, allowing them to save a significant amount in the long run.

To find the best offset mortgages for buy to let properties, potential borrowers are advised to shop around as much as possible for the most competitive mortgage comparisons.

The FREE mortgage calculator below is a great place to start when looking for buy to let offset mortgage deals:


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In order to ensure that an offset mortgage will remain viable in buy to let circumstances, it is important to ensure that the money that has been set aside will either be maintained or will steadily increase.

There are several other factors that should be carefully assessed by landlords who are considering an offset mortgage. Including:


  • The starting interest rates of a proposed policy, as many offset mortgages may typically have their interest rates set higher than other policies
  • Landlords should also take care to maintain a reliable source of income from their tenants, as this could also drastically effect their interest rates in the long term
  • If for any reason the landlord needed to withdraw money from their savings account, they may often be subject to significantly higher interest rates

If you are searching for an appropriate buy to let offset mortgage, consulting our mortgage comparisons table is a good way of picking out the important differences between particular policies. 


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