Temporary Car Insurance for Ladies

Temporary Car Insurance for Ladies

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1 to 28 Days
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Temporary Car Insurance for Ladies

There are many reasons why ladies may need temporary car insurance:

  • They may want to be able to test drive a new car and drive it home from the forecourt
  • They may only need cover for a couple of months before they emigrate
  • They may need to borrow a car while theirs is out of action
  • They may need a bigger car for the weekend to move or go on a trip
  • They have a child who is a student and will be using the car while at home

While most car insurance providers will have standard policies lasting a minimum of 12 months, for all of the examples above that will be an excessive and expensive proposition. There are now a large number of companies offering temporary car insurance for ladies.

Most policies are flexible and you will be able to get car insurance quotes with cover lasting anywhere form a day to a couple of months.

The three main advantages of ladies temporary car insurance are that:

  • Policies can usually be arranged quickly over the phone or online and the cover will come into effect very quickly
  • The extent of the cover provided will usually be the same as any standard policy with fully comprehensive and third party, fire and theft cover available
  • A ladies no claims bonus will not be affected by taking out a temporary car insurance policy, and may not even be affected if there is an accident

These policies are not generally extended to women:

  • Who have more than 6 points on their license
  • Have been disqualified in the last 5 years
  • Do not hold a valid UK or EU driving license

The best way to get round these general rules is to use price comparison sites, or other means to simply look at as many temporary car insurance quotes as possible. With so many providers out there it is likely there will be one offering a policy that suits your needs.