1 Month Car Insurance

Car Cover Up to 28 Days

1 Month Car Insurance Cover - Immediate Cover

Get covered today for car, van or motorhome from 1 to 28 days - low cost premium:

Temporary Car Insurance Deals
ProviderCover TermMinimum and Maximum AgeSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
1 - 28 days18 - 75Instant Car and Van Cover including motorhomes. Cover for Learner Drivers. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >
1 - 28 days19 - 75Instant Car and Van Cover. Cover for Learner Drivers. Cover for vehicle hire and test drives. Insure someone else on your car. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >

Car Insurance for One Month

Everyone knows that to drive legally on the roads in the UK you will need two things: a valid license and a valid insurance policy. There is however no point in paying for more insurance cover than you actually need.


Most standard polices will come with a minimum lifespan of 6-12 months and this may not suit you for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are planning a month long trip around the country? Or only have a month until you move to another country? Some of the most common reasons for getting monthly car insurance polices are really to do with getting another person temporally named as insured to use your car. With most standard polices adding another name after the contract has been signed will often result in your no claims discount being affected. This not the case if you take out a temporary month long policy. The other main reason is things such as your partners or relatives cars being out of action for a couple of weeks or needing to go on a number of long trips with a friend or business partner.


Generally you will need to be between 21 and 75 in order to take out a 1 month car insurance policy, although there are providers who cater to younger drivers. Most policies while either revolves around you simply extending the insurance on a day to day basis, or you being covered for a set amount of time and no more. It is worth noting that insurance providers are likely to require higher premium and excess payments than for standard polices - see below for providers who offer quotes: