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Cover Term
1 to 28 Days
Applicable Age
18 - 78
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Cover Term
1 to 28 Days
Applicable Age
19 - 75
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Insure Daily Temporary Car Insurance

24 Hour Car Insurance

Most car insurance providers offer car insurance on a 12 month contract basis, but there are many specialist companies offering temporary car insurance from 24 hours to 28 days.

Reasons for needing 24 hour car insurance might include:

  • If you are borrowing a car from someone for a day
  • You have relatives or other visitors coming to stay
  • You are hiring a holiday car for one day
  • You have purchased a new car and want to drive it home, but haven’t as yet found a long term policy

Advantages of 24 hour car insurance
One day car insurance has a number of distinct advantages for people who do not really need a long term policy:

  • The fact that adding another driver to your long term policy can affect no claims bonuses means many people take a one day policy to allow them to temporarily name another driver while leaving their bonus untouched
  • A car can be insured for one day, on a day to day basis or for a set number of days, meaning there is a good deal of flexibility
  • Most companies can provide cover quickly

Disadvantages of 24 hour car insurance

  • this type of insurance is relatively expensive

Requirements for 24 hour car insurance 

To able to get temporary car insurance quotes form specialist providers a person must have a vlid UK or European driving license. There may also be other requirements such as:

  • Being within a certain age range
  • The car being within a certain value range

The majority of car insurance providers will offer cover that spans 1-28 days but they are usually very flexible with adjustments you need to make.