7 Day Car Insurance

Car Cover for 1 Week Only

7 Day Car Insurance Quotes

7 day car insurance could be right for you if you are looking to insure a car temporarily. Some companies do offer 7 day insurance deals even though it is quite a specialist type of cover and can be relatively expensive. If you only need to cover your vehicle for a short period of time, you may want to consider this insurance as an option.
You may like to take out a seven day car insurance policy if:

  • You are selling your car
  • You have bought a new car and need cover to drive it home
  • You are going on a long journey
  • You are going on a holiday and need to hire a car
  • You intend to use someone else’s car for the week

The majority of car insurance providers will offer cover that spans 1-28 days but they are usually very flexible with adjustments you need to make. As long as your amount of days fit into the time period allocated, you should have no problem.

Temporary Car Insurance Deals
ProviderCover TermMinimum and Maximum AgeSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
1 - 28 days18 - 75Instant Car and Van Cover including motorhomes. Cover for Learner Drivers. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >
1 - 28 days19 - 75Instant Car and Van Cover. Cover for Learner Drivers. Cover for vehicle hire and test drives. Insure someone else on your car. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >

If you are planning to pick up a new car that you have just purchased, you may be interested to know that some companies offer a ‘drive away’ insurance alternative. This short term car insurance policy allows you to quickly insure your car and ‘drive away’ with little hassle. You can still search for other competitive quotes on the market.

You could benefit from this type of insurance is you have bought the car for someone else or if purchasing your car was a quick decision. These short term policies can be useful due to their flexibility; most insurers will allow you to extend your daily cover for any amount of days under a month.