Ten Top Tips to Cheaper Car Insurance

Saving money on your car insurance could be easier than you think. Finding the cheapest quote is the most obvious way to cut costs, but actually, there are plenty of other things you can do to keep your car insurance premiums down. Below are our Ten Top Tips to Cheaper Car Insurance: simple steps that you can take to lower your car insurance quote.

  1. Compare quotes
    This is one of the surest ways of reducing how much you spend on car insurance. Shopping around means you can save money and find the right cover for you. Also, remember to compare car insurance quotes at each renewal as deals change and new providers come on the market each year.
  2. Choose the right level of cover
    If your car insurance costs more than the value of your car, then you might want to downsize from comprehensive cover to third party fire and theft, or just third party if it's a real banger.
  3. Use a specialist insurer
    It might sound simple, but if you are a woman, a young driver, an elderly driver, or have made modifications to your car, you might be able to save a lot of money by choosing a company that specialises in your demographic. There are now specialist women's car insurance companies, like Sheila's Wheels and Diamond, that recognise that women are statistically less likely to make a claim than men, and reward their safer driving with cheaper car insurance quotes, while companies like Saga car insurance reward older, more experienced drivers.
  4. Add experienced drivers or your partner to your car insurance policy
    If you have just passed your test and are a new driver with no experience and no no claims bonus, you could save hundreds by adding a parent or responsible friend with driving experience to your policy. Also, if you are co-habiting with your partner, car insurance companies think that you are more responsible and could reduce your premium.
  5. Protect your car
    If possible, keep your car in a garage, or driveway, and install an alarm and immobiliser, as this will make it less vulnerable to theft and your insurance company will reward you for reducing the likelihood of making a claim.
  6. Check your policy and remove unnecessary cover
    It might be that you are covered for things you don't think you need, such as medical expenses, alternative accommodation and personal possessions, so make sure you're not paying for cover you don't want. You should also ensure that you are not registered as using your car for business or driving to work if you only use it for personal use as this can have a dramatic effect on how much you pay. Walk to work and save on fuel too!
  7. Beware the 'pay monthly' option
    Some car insurance companies give the option to may monthly instead of annually which can be a great way to spread the cost of your car insurance, but make sure you are not being charged extra for the privilege. You might be better off putting the money in a savings account a year in advance so you can gain interest and it'll be ready and waiting when it comes to renewal time.
  8. Drive a less powerful car
    Choosing a car with a smaller engine means that you will fall into a cheaper insurance band, you won’t pay as much on fuel or road tax, and it's better for the environment!
  9. Get a mirrored policy
    If you get a second car, insurance companies will sometimes refuse to insure it with the same no claims bonus as your first motor, so shop around for a provider that mirrors your existing car policy. Another way of cutting costs is to insure two cars on one policy with multi car insurance cover
  10. Don’t make any claims!
    Easier said than done, but the easiest way to reduce car insurance costs is by building up a no claims discount. By driving carefully, you reduce the likelihood of having to make a claim, but of course, you cannot be responsible for other drivers on the road, making some accidents unavoidable. If you can get something small repaired yourself, it could be worth it because the cost could be a lot less than the amount you save by keeping your no claims bonus intact. With many car insurance companies, for a little extra on your premium, you can get no claims bonus protection, which means that even if you do make a claim, you will not lose your no claims bonus.

Making changes to your policy mid-term, when it is not renewal time, could incur charges for administration, but the savings you make could well outweigh the cost of a £10 admin fee, so do your homework first and start saving on your car insurance.

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