Compare Taxi Van Insurance Deals

Compare top taxi van insurance deals

If you own a taxi or are responsible for a fleet of taxis, it’s essential to get the right insurance policy – after all, your vehicle is key to your job. What’s more, many insurers will consider you to be a higher risk than the average driver because you spend so much time in your vehicle. Use the tables below to compare top taxi van insurance deals, get an instant quote, and apply online:

Taxi Insurance - Compare Quotes
ProviderPublic LiabilityVehicles CoveredNCD TransferAdditional BenefitsApply
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What is taxi van insurance?

Just as with a car, it’s essential to make sure that you have up to date taxi van insurance to protect yourself and other road users in the event of an accident. Unless your taxi van has been declared off road, you must have up to date taxi van insurance or you could be liable for a fine or driving ban if caught uninsured. Of course, not having the right taxi van insurance could also affect your job if you use a taxi van for work.

What does taxi van insurance cover?

Things covered by taxi van insurance policies could include:

  • 24 hour taxi van accident recovery
  • Medical expenses for injury caused in an accident
  • Cover for a variety of taxi van usage including carriage of own goods, carriage of goods for hire or reward, and haulage
  • New for old cover on taxi vans less than 12 months old
  • Taxi van Breakdown cover
  • Cover for item carried in the taxi van such as tools or goods
  • Taxi van windscreen repair or replacement
  • Courtesy taxi vans are often available in the event of an accident, providing that the taxi van has not been written off
  • Legal expenses cover - If  you get into an accident in your taxi van that is not your fault, you will want to claim back your excess and other costs, for example vehicle hire, from the negligent driver. Most importantly, the recovery of these costs will maintain your no-claims bonus.

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