Van Insurance For Under 25s

If you are under 25, van insurance that is affordably priced may sometimes seem difficult to find. Luckily however, there are several steps that drivers can take to try and reduce the cost of their van insurance quote. Insurers will play close attention to the type of van driven by young drivers, it is therefore important to carefully choose a vehicle that will positively affect the cost of van insurance if possible. Comparing van insurance policies from providers can go a long way to finding an affordable policy however. For more information, please use the van insurance comparisons table below:

Latest Van Insurance Deals
ProviderReplacement VanMax WeightMulti Van CoverAdditional BenefitsApply
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yes3.5 tonnesnoMotor Legal Protection as standard, choice of excess, 24/7 emergency helpline, guaranteed repairs, free courtesy vehicle, cover for audio & navigation equipment, windscreen cover, replacement locks and personal belongings. Plus optional extrasGet Quotes >

The reason premiums are often more expensive is because insurers will automatically treat drivers in this age group with more caution than other drivers. 


From the point of view of the insurer, analysts will have very little previous information to go regarding customers who are under 25 who are searching for a van insurance quote. Due to this lack of experience, insurers will instead rely on popular accident statistics, which will unfortunately point to young drivers as a significantly riskier option compared to older drivers in terms of their chances of making a claim.


For any under 25s who are searching for van insurance, demonstrating that you are a safe and reliable driver is best possible way of reducing the cost of your insurance. This can be done in several ways:

  • Although it may seem obvious, maintaining a no claims bonus for as long as possible can go a surprisingly long way in reducing your van insurance premiums
  • Having passed their test, young drivers may also wish to consider taking the Pass Plus scheme, which could dramatically reduce the cost of your insurance


For under 25s, It is always advisable to shop around for the best possible insurance quote when searching for van insurance, as there are a variety of different insurers that each offer highly competitive insurance deals to suit the needs of their customers.