Van Insurance that cover Tools

Van insurance that covers tools is considered to be a necessity for a great deal of people who are employed as skilled tradesman. For anyone working in this field, adequate insurance is essential in order to protect their livelihood as well as some of their most important resources. 

A great deal of self employed tradesman will require some form of protection in the event that their tools or van were to become lost, damaged or even stolen. Luckily, this has been recognised by a number of insurance companies, who regularly include the price of van insurance that also covers tools as part of a package insurance policy.

The majority of tools and van insurance policies that exist will provide adequate protection in the event of any problems. However, it is important to remember that the owner will only usually be reimbursed in the following circumstances:


  • The van must have been securely locked and fastened
  • If for any reason the insurance company finds any evidence to the contrary, they may refuse to pay any items that have been lost or stolen

There are a number of providers waiting to give you a competitive quote for your van insurance included in the table below.

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The following are some examples of fields in which tools and van insurance may be considered a necessity depending upon the circumstances. Such as:


  • When working as an electrician
  • A builder
  • A plumber
  • A metal worker
  • A mechanic
  • A locksmith

It should be remembered that for many people who work as self employed tradesman, the loss of income that can be caused by a theft or similar incident can be financially devastating. Therefore, it is always recommended to ensure that an adequate insurance policy has been taken that will provide the best possible protection.

If you feel that you need this kind of cover for your tools, van insurance quotes that are just a click away.