Van Insurance For Rented Vehicles

Compare Van Insurance for Rentals

Van insurance for rented vehicles is typically offered by insurance companies throughout the UK. In most cases, this type of insurance is considered mandatory for anyone wishing to hire a van or similar vehicle on a short term basis. In order to find a policy that is tailored to your individual requirements, it is important to shop around and to compare van insurance policies as much as possible. For information on offers from different providers, please use the insurance comparisons table below:

Temporary Van Insurance
ProviderCover TermMinimum and Maximum AgeSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
1 - 28 days18 - 75Instant Van Cover. Also Cover for Learner Drivers. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >

Rented vans and other similar vehicles are required throughout our day to lives in variety of different circumstances. In order to address this requirement, there are a number of specialist insurance companies that will provide tailored van insurance quotes to suit commercial or private customers. 


Depending upon the size and model of rented vehicles, the price of insurance may vary a great deal, however, the majority of rental companies will include some type of basic van insurance as part of their short term agreement with their customers. 

Van insurance for rented vehicles presents a number of distinct advantages over more traditional long term insurance policies. The following are some examples:


  • Van insurance that is agreed upon a short term basis will usually mean that any damage or incident will have no effect on the drivers no claims bonus.
  • This form of insurance can usually be acquired at very short notice and be extended if necessary


If you are considering borrowing a van or similar rented vehicle from a friend on a short term basis, it is strongly recommended that you make sure you are covered by an adequate insurance policy. It should be remembered that normal van insurance will not usually protect the driver in the event of an accident involving a vehicle rented from a friend. Without the proper van insurance, you could be liable for any damages to the vehicle and you may also lose your no claims bonus in the event of an accident. For this reason, it is always advisable to take out suitable policy before renting a van or similar vehicle.