Van Insurance For Northern Ireland

Getting van insurance in Northern Ireland is no different from getting it anywhere else, apart from the fact that some insurers may offer certain deals that are strictly available to customers who live and work in this area. You may wish to consult our van insurance comparisons table below for a list of offers from providers:

Latest Van Insurance Deals
ProviderReplacement VanMax WeightMulti Van CoverAdditional BenefitsApply
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When searching for a suitable policy, it is important to remember that there may be a number of specialist insurers who can give you van insurance quotes. Customers should take care to compare van insurance policies from these providers as much as possible in order to get the best possible deal.


The amount you will be charged for your van insurance in Northern Ireland will depend on how much of a risk you are perceived to be by the insurance company. This risk factor will be decided by looking at a number of factors such as:

  • The age of the driver
  • The age of the vehicle
  • The vehicle related crime rate of the area
  • The drivers experience


Insurers may also take a number of other factors into consideration, premiums are also based a great deal upon the vehicles primary purpose. Examples include: 

  • Domestic and pleasure purposes, such as hobbies and pastimes
  • Carrying work related products, or those that are essential for the policy holder to carry out  their work, such as tools
  • Transporting other peoples possessions on their behalf, such as a courier


The third option may incur the highest costs, as you will need to insure both your own possessions as well as those of other people. Depending exactly how your vehicle is used, you may generally have access to three different types of policy.


The main types of available van insurance in Northern Ireland are:

  • Third party cover, which insures you against damage caused by another person
  • Third party, fire and theft cover, which adds damage caused by fire and theft
  • Comprehensive cover, which features all of the above plus insurance against accidental damage and malicious acts