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Finding  landlord boiler insurance for your personal circumstances couldn’t be simpler.

Compare Landlord Boiler Insurance

If your tenants’ boiler breaks down, they will want to get the problem sorted fast!

Boiler insurance has become an increasingly sought after insurance, with many major insurers offering cover.

However, most of these policies are not suited for let properties, but more and more companies offer landlord boiler insurance.

The top 10 issues with boilers include:
  1. The pilot light keeps going out
  2. Noise from the boiler (gurgling, whistling or banging)
  3. Water is not hot, or heating is not available
  4. Water is leaking from the boiler
  5. No or low pressure in the boiler
  6. Low radiator temperatures
  7. Water is kettling (due to leaks, limescale & overheating) in the boiler
  8. The boiler is not responding to the thermostat
  9. Pipes for condensate have frozen
  10. The boiler keeps shutting off

You may be able to find an insurer who offers a standalone gas boiler policy for landlords; however, it is becoming more commonly available as a feature or optional extra with more general types of landlord insurance policies.

You can use the comparison table below to review various landlord insurance quote providers and click the links to get quotes.

Landlord boiler insurance

Problems with the boiler can become expensive quite quickly and are usually classed as being within the remit of emergency damage.

An emergency here is roughly defined as an unexpected yet damaging event outside the standard landlord’s insurance cover.

Having boiler cover as part of your landlord’s insurance policy can help you quickly get an expert onsite to resolve your issue.

When looking for a landlord boiler insurance policy, you will need to decide whether or not you would like to insure just the boiler or the entire central heating system.

It is important to check with each provider whether the central heating system is included within a building’s insurance policy or is excluded.

You will need to think about the level of cover that you need. Some landlord boiler insurance policies will allow unlimited payouts and callouts, will others will only insure up to a certain amount and place a limit on the number of callouts.

Some insurers will also offer a 24-hour emergency helpline as well. You might also want to check if a policy includes an annual boiler service or a Gas Safety Certificate, which you may be legally obliged to get each year as a landlord.

You should also check to see if the landlord insurance quotes offered to you are model specific or apply to all kinds of boilers.

Most policies will require that boilers be below a certain age threshold. You might also want to inquire about the provider’s policy on no-claims bonuses. Many insurers will have a policy of not accepting any claims for a period of time just after signing up.

Landlord’s emergency cover

Some landlord emergency cover policies might provide cover for sudden boiler breakdowns; however, you should check beforehand to ensure you have the level of cover you require.

There’s a wide variety of landlord insurance products available on the market.

Therefore, shopping around to find the plan that best suits your specific requirements is good. You can use the comparison tables to see links to various landlord insurance quote providers, one of which might be the right choice for you.

FREE & no obligation – Quick online quotes

Compare Landlord Boiler Insurance >>