Landlord Insurance For Kitchen Appliances

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Landlord Insurance for Kitchen Appliances

If you let a residential property as furnished, you will know that kitchen appliances can be costly to replace if damaged; as such, you want some insurance to protect those items.

When it comes to landlord insurance for kitchen appliances, a landlord’s contents insurance policy will usually be sufficient in the majority of cases.

To find the right landlord insurance for kitchen appliances that meets your needs, you can use the comparison table to compare a selection of links to landlord insurance quote providers.

Landlord insurance for kitchen appliances

Landlord’s contents insurance will most likely cover your kitchen appliances and other white goods. However, insurance providers may need to be made aware of any costly items to ensure that landlords will not be forced to pay for the repairs or replacement, particularly high-end cookers or fridges.

Although contents insurance will, in many instances, be enough to pay for damages or losses of this kind, the cost of checks and maintenance may, in some cases, have to be met by the landlord. For this reason, many insurance companies have decided to offer separate landlord insurance for kitchen appliances to address these costs.

It should be remembered that following the Gas Safety Act, all gas-related household appliances must be adequately maintained by landlords following UK laws and must be subject to regular checks.

Unfortunately, repairing and maintaining these items has become increasingly expensive, and many property owners are considering landlord insurance for kitchen appliances as an increasingly valid option.

However, you may be able to find a standard landlord’s contents insurance policy that comprehensively meets your requirements for kitchen appliance cover. You may want to particularly look into a combined policy that includes contents cover with other important areas of landlord insurance such as buildings cover and landlord’s liability cover.

When you consider your different landlord contents insurance policies, you may find a choice of indemnity coverage or “new for old” policies:

  • Indemnity cover – If you take out this type of cover and claim to replace a kitchen appliance or other insured item, the insurer will consider any depreciation the item might have sustained since its purchase time, such as natural wear and tear. This means they will pay you what the product’s value likely was at the time of claim and not necessarily what you originally paid for the item.
  • New for old cover – New for old cover will do just that and replace any item you make a claim on with a brand new item; because of this, new for old policies may attract higher premiums.
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