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Landlord Emergency Cover

Compare landlord emergency cover

Many people who rent properties to tenants feel the need to augment their buildings and contents insurance with a landlord emergency cover policy. Even though you will be covered for many damaging occurrences with standard policies, some events cannot really be planned for. See below for specialist landlord insurance quote providers which might be able to help you find the right policy for you:

Some events like a gas leak or burst pipe need rapid attention; landlord emergency cover can help you get an approved tradesperson to your property 365 days, 24 hours a day, to make your property safe and secure. Many insurance companies are beginning to include emergency cover for landlords as part of their landlord insurance policies. Still, it is always important to read the small print to make sure you do not accidentally come out under-insured.

Examples of the type of event that might be covered by landlord emergency cover are:

  • The boiler exploding
  • The ceiling caving in
  • Problems with electrical systems
  • Break-ins that render the property unsecure

A landlord who does not have emergency cover could pay a substantial cost for damages and repairs. If you have taken out an emergency cover policy, however, you will be shielded from having to pay the full cost, and many companies will also cover you from rent payments that are missed because of the emergency.

Most landlord insurance providers will give you access to a 24-hour emergency helpline, and in many cases, the tenant can call up themselves, and you will not have involved right away. Rent guarantee insurance and legal expenses, which will pay the cost of you being taken to court by a tenant, are not always included in these policies, so you should take the time to scrutinise several different landlord insurance quotes and any additional extra emergency cover that is available.

You can use the above comparison table to select different landlord insurance offerings and click the links to get quotes.

In addition to landlord emergency cover, there is a range of other features and optional features you may want to consider when looking for a landlord insurance policy, including:

Landlords Building Insurance

The barest level of landlord’s insurance is buildings insurance, which covers the structural cost of the property and the rebuilding costs if an insured event destroys the property. Many lenders require landlords who buy to let mortgage with them to have at least this level of landlord insurance.

Landlord Content insurance

For property let as furnished, this will cover the costs of any damage caused to the landlord’s furniture, appliances, and furnishings.

Landlord Liability Insurance

This kind of insurance can help with compensation costs for reasons such as personal injury claims from tenants.

Loss of Rent cover

If an insured event means that a property cannot be let out for a period of time, this type of cover may be able to protect the landlord from the incurred loss of rental income.

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