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Landlord Insurance for Flats

If you are trying to find the best landlord insurance for flats, you might find it useful to use using our comparison table – you could save time and money. You can see a selection of links that will be able to provide you with quotes on different kinds of landlord insurance:

Landlord insurance for flats

As a rental property owner, finding the best possible insurance cover is of utmost importance to ensure that a viable source of income is maintained.  Typically, a landlord insurance policy will be able to provide cover for flats, houses and other residential buildings. Still, this will vary by the insurer, so it is worth shopping around to find the plan that fits your requirements best.

Buildings cover

Insuring a flat for buildings can be difficult with some insurers if they feel it is more appropriate for the freeholder to insure all the properties within a block, so handling claims is easier. Therefore some providers may only be able to offer you building cover if you are obliged to by the terms of your lease. In Scotland, it is more common for each leaseholder to insure their own property.

Many insurance policies for flats and other types of property will also contain several other provisions designed to cover the cost of some other, more unlikely, problems that can arise from renting property.

Other types of cover you may find on a policy or as optional extras include:

Landlord contents insurance

Contents cover will insure the furniture and other items you provide in a flat or other property that you let as fully or partially furnished. You may choose between indemnity and new for the old cover.

  • Indemnity cover – This policy means that in the event of you claiming an item, the insurer what they perceive the item to be worth, factoring in any depreciation of value the item would have incurred since you purchased it. So if an item was purchased five years ago, you might be paid considerably less than what you originally paid for it.
  • New for old – This cover type will replace the item with a brand new version regardless of when you purchased it; as a result, this type of policy may have higher premiums.

Landlord liability cover

If a visitor or a tenant to your property was injured and made a personal injury claim, this type of coverage could help pay for your legal costs, and if you were found to be at fault could cover the claimant’s compensation award.

Before committing to a particular landlord insurance policy, it is strongly recommended to carefully consider the type of tenancy agreement that will be taking place and the variety of different policies that different insurers offer. It is always worth shopping around as much as possible to find the best landlord insurance for flats that meets your needs.

FREE & no obligation – Quick online quotes

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