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51% of consumers could save £201.06 on their Home Building & Contents Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next fourteen cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from January 2024. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

AIG Home Insurance

Emergencies cannot be anticipated, so people are rarely financially prepared for when their home is subject to an accident, adverse weather damage, fire or theft. However, these things can happen, so it’s best to be prepared.

Building repairs are expensive, and with most properties holding approximately £25,000 of contents, home insurance is an excellent way to prepare for the worst.

Home Insurance is generally separated into buildings and contents cover. You can typically purchase these policies together as one joint cover plan from most providers or buy them separately.

AIG Home Insurance Review

AIG provides comprehensive cover with a range of extras which aren’t generally seen with typical insurance policies. This would suit people who require a high level of coverage. This policy can be personalised with optional extras.

AIG home insurance features

  • AIG provide an extra 100% of your home’s coverage limit when you need to rebuild your home in the same location (double what most insurers usually offer)
  • Your possessions are protected from being lost, broken or damaged as well as theft
  • Rental and alternative accommodation are covered in the event you can’t go home
  • They cover damage due to a burst pipe as well as more complex issues such as sewers, drains, or sump pumps
  • You are reimbursed in the event of identity theft
  • Landscaping replacement, including the removal of fallen trees is covered
  • Covered for technology to help protect your home against further damage in the future

Optional extra features

Personalised home rebuilding upgrades

This means you are guaranteed rebuilding cover in the same location to match your home’s prior quality. You are also provided with ‘green rebuilding’, which means they will cover environmentally friendly materials when rebuilding your home.

Personalised property protection

This means you are protected for valuable articles such as jewellery, fin art, antiques and collections. You are also covered for equipment breakdown, so you are saved from the hassle of repairing mechanical and electrical equipment within your home.

Personalised liability coverage upgrades

This gives you excess liability insurance beyond the limits of your standard insurance policy.

What type of home insurance cover do you need?

Suppose you are a homeowner and you live in the property. In that case, you may want to purchase a combined policy which includes both buildings and contents cover, as you are personally responsible for anything that happens to your home and its contents.

However, if you are renting, you will only need to look at the contents cover as your landlord is responsible for the structural maintenance. Nevertheless, you should always check the terms of your rental agreement to be sure.

If you are already a homeowner or a first-time buyer, you should be aware that building insurance is one of the conditions of a mortgage offer.

If you have a specialist building, such as a home with a thatched or flat roof or a listed building, you may need specialist home insurance. Many providers offer this option but always check the policy carefully before purchasing if you think this may affect you.

The optional extras depend on your circumstances. Ask yourself:

  • Do you carry a lot of expensive possessions around with you?
  • Are you like to need legal assistance, and if so, would you be able to pay for it yourself?
  • Would covering yourself for emergencies make life significantly more manageable for you?