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There are countless reasons and possible eventualities that you should protect yourself against with home insurance: subsidence, fire, theft, storm damage, flooding and many more. If you live in an area with clay soil, home insurance against subsidence will be particularly important.

Things to look out for with home insurance subsidence include:
  • Cracks and bulges appearing in walls
  • Doors and windows getting stuck
  • Your homes foundations sinking

You can compare a range of quotes for home insurance, subsidence included, with our free comparison service. See the table below and click on the links to compare more features and apply online.

Subsidence Insurance Quotes
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Get quotes from one of the UK's specialist subsidence insurance providers who can deal with any form of structural movement. They understand what you been through, the remedial work and will not simply load the premium because of your history - the repair works and how they will protect you in the future will be taken into account.More Info >