Non-Standard Home Insurance

Non standard home insurance is the term used to describe any policy that does fit within the boundaries of what is defined as an average (or standard) home insurance policy.

Just because the policy that an individual needs will be classified as non standard does not mean that they will not be able to find a home insurance deal that suit their individual needs. See below for our selection of specialist home insurance providers:

Non Standard Home Insurance
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Here are some examples of the sorts of thing that might be classified as a non standard home insurance policy by many providers:

  • Individuals looking for a home insurance policy who have made a large number of claims over a relatively short period of time. Most insurance companies will be sceptical about offering insurance to these individuals, and the ones that are willing will hedge the increased risk with higher premiums.
  • Buildings that have a thatched roof or are constructed out of materials such as timber. These buildings carry an increased risk of building and contents damage.
  • Individuals who have been refused home insurance or had existing policies rescinded.
  • Homes that have previously suffered damage from subsidence or flood are typical examples of non standard home insurance polices.
  • Individuals who have suffered bankruptcy or have criminal convictions.
  • People who work from home and therefore need a different level of cover.
  • People who only live in a particular property fairly irregularly, like a second home.

If you fall into one of these categories, it is likely that your home insurance will be non standard. This does not mean that great deals cannot be found - a variety of home insurance quotes are available online.