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Home Insurance for Listed Buildings

A listed building is recognised by the secretary of state as being of special interest and placed on a register. It is therefore deserving of specialist home insurance for listed buildings. Because home insurance for listed buildings is a select and unique type of cover, you could benefit from contacting a specialist insurance provider. See above for a list of specialist insurers to see if there’s one that suits your needs.

There are three types of gradation a listed building can fall under:

  • Grade 1 – Any building that is of outstanding interest
  • Grade 2  – Buildings of special interest that are acknowledged as being important
  • Grade 3 – Buildings of special interest

Registering a listed building can ensure that it will be protected for years to come, so that future generations can enjoy them.
It is highly recommended that you think about home insurance for listed building should you be an owner or proprietor of one. After all, these buildings are worthy of the highest protection available.

When searching for cover, you should consult a specialist insurer who can help you to tailor the most suitable cover to your needs.  You may want to consider:

  • Reinstatement cover, which would cover the listed building in case full restructure of the property is needed, and materials and building methods that are alike to the building need to be applied.
  • High net worth cover would ensure that all of the items of high value are covered should they be  damaged or stolen.
  • You may want to speak to a specialist who can survey the building for you and give you a professional valuation.