Overseas Home Insurance

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For many of us it is a dream to own a holiday home, but for the people who are lucky enough to own one it can be a nightmare if it is burgled, damaged or vandalised. Overseas home insurance is one way of protecting yourself against these risks. Standard home insurance polices will normally become void if a property is left unoccupied for more then 30 days so are therefore not suitable for overseas properties. There are a number of companies who will be able to provide affordable overseas home insurance quotes.

Overseas Home Insurance Quotes
ProviderBuildings Max Std CoverContents Max Std CoverFeatures:Get Quotes
£1,000,000Quote RequiredUp to a 40% risk related discountMore Info >
  • Second home covered whether occupied or unoccupied
  • Second home covered if let short term to holiday makers
  • Cover includes swimming pools
  • Loss of rent included following a claim
  • Wider cover than a standard buildings and contents policies
  • Standard excess is £500

Building insurance

Building cover is an important part of overseas home insurance as it helps cover the cost of any damage relating to the structure of the property, such as damage to the roof, as well as any permanent fixtures.


Because an overseas property is not lived in as much, things such as subsidence or flood damage may not be spotted until significant harm had been done.  When it comes to overseas home insurance, the extent of the buildings cover you take out should realistically be enough to cover rebuilding the property.


Contents insurance

Contents cover will insure you against damage to or theft of your belongings. The level of cover you need and how much it costs is dependant upon the value of the possessions you keep in your overseas home.


Making overseas home insurance cheaper 

Here are a few measures that can be taken which might reduce the cost of premiums that companies providing home insurance will quote you:

  • Fit the property with locks and alarms
  • Maintain the property by insulting the pipes
  • Offer to pay more excess to lower your premiums