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Home Insurance Excess

If you make a claim on your home insurance policy, you will ordinarily have to pay some of the costs yourself. This is what home insurance excess means. You can use a comparison site like the ones above to survey different policies and their home insurance excess conditions. Remember to take into account the levels of excess you will required to pay, not just the premiums you are offered from the outset.

Your insurer will inform you about the amount of excess you will have to pay and the total costs will be decided upon the settlement of your claim.

Overlooking home insurance excess could mean that are left paying more for your home insurance, or your claim, than you expected. Your premiums will generally be lower if you chose to pay a higher excess, but you will be responsible for footing more money in the event that you make a claim on your policy.

There are two different types of home insurance excess policy:

  • Compulsory excess is effective in every policy and as the name suggests, you will always have to pay it should you make a claim. Compulsory excess may vary depending on the type of cover and the insurer.
  • Voluntary excess is the amount that you agree to pay on top of the compulsory excess. Most insurers will lower your premiums if you decide to pay extra home insurance excess on your policy.

The amounts that you will have to pay may vary depending on your buildings and contents insurance policy. For example, if you have accidental damage cover included in your policy, you may have to pay a bit extra.